Commit 6882cc90 authored by Panagiotis Skarvelis's avatar Panagiotis Skarvelis
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a simple sress test

parent b34201f0
echo "Stress test Starting, if you want to stop it, press Ctrl+C"
# clean up
rm -rf /tmp/audit
mkdir -p /tmp/audit
# Run 1000 times paralel the generateAuditRecord
for i in {1..1000}; do
node --trace-warnings --experimental-specifier-resolution=node ./stressnode.js&
# validate by count the number of records on folder /tmp/audit is equal to 1000
while [ $(ls -1 /tmp/audit/*.json | wc -l) -ne 1000 ]; do
sleep 1
import {generateAuditRecord} from '../dist/index'
const test = async () => {
await generateAuditRecord(undefined, "/tmp/audit");
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