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# Template for Deliverable for the Pruductisation meeting of GAYA
Contact person details:
**Egidio Casati**
linkedin: [](
home: [](
## Business Page
### 1. Define your product
Gaya is the technological platform that allows you to digitize the process of signing agreements remotely ensuring the characteristics of de visu meetings in terms of reconsideration, ease of signature and event control.
Gaya leverage SSI technology in order to provide subscribers with an Identity Wallet. This could unlock a new digital life for the company and its shareholders, that could gain access to blockchain powered service, proving their identity and preserving their privacy as both physical and juridical persons.
### 2. Value proposition – what is/are the benefit(s) for your customer
- The management of specific files by professional category through a predefined workflow directory
- Management of virtual presence at the conclusion of agreements
- Certification of the identity of the participants in maximum security
- The management of the signing of agreements by means of the electronic signature procedures provided for by law
- Recording and storage of all relevant documentation and
events along the file flow
### 3. Who are your customers
The initial idea of Gaya is to support the digitization of the limited Liability Company incorporation public act. We explored and tested the market via interview and involvement of several professionals and we discovered that Gaya could serve a broader market, such as:
- Public acts
- authenticated private writings
- simple private writings
- power of attorney
- private writing
- mandates
- anti-money laundering
- Extraordinary operations
- Sign company documents
- Insurance policies
- Customer Dossier
**Real Estate Agencies**
- Rental assignments
- Sales appointments
- leases
- sales proposals
**Financial intermediaries**
- mortgage applications
- loan applications
- mandates
- Client Documents
**tax advice centres**
- tax returns
- Customer Dossiers
- Taxes
### 4. What is your targeted time to market (for a product on the market)
- January 2021 with a Family&Friends beta test
- April 2021 ready for the open Market
### 5. What is the business model
Gaya is a SaaS platform sold as:
- subscription based model
- enterprise project base model
Selling channel:
- eCommerce website, providing about 3 different packages:
- Smart
- Studio
- Notary
- Business development/Account managers, for Enterprise projects
### 6. Who will be your first customer (do you have a first customer?)
we are trying to set up a partnership agreement with an interested company. They could provide a mix of risk capital and work for equity. They could also be the first customer as they are a financial intermediary agencies with about 500 operators.
### 7. Do you plan to raise funds through private investors ?
### 8. Have you already initiated contact with Venture Capital firms ?
we are already in contact with Business Angels
## Technical Page
<!-- While creating contents for the following sections, please try to keep this section limited to a single page-->
### Please provide answers to the following questions before the productisation meeting:
1. What is the status of your product development?
We tested different components such as:
- Opensource internal video conferencing platform
- Qualified Digital Signature Service
and we're in the process of delivering a first Demo that shows how 2 subscribers and a notary could carry out a public act.
We're also defining the detailed architcture and the relative detailed implementation plan.
2. Are you aware of the eSSIF-Lab Library? What are the functionalities you would like to use?
We're not aware of the eSSIF-Lab library feature yet. Since our experience in the SSI space, we expect to use the library to build Identity wallet for the Holder, issuer and verifier and we expct to use Gaya as an:
- Issuer, when the subscriber doesn't have a trusted identity credential yet
- verifier, when the subscriber already has a trusted identity credential
### To be discussed duing the productisation meeting:
1. eSSIF-Lab partnerships: (see matchmaking process)
1. what do you have on offer to other participants ?
We can offer a business vertical active as verifier of identity credential issued by trusted partner.
2. what would you like other participants to offer you ?
We can offer a SSI powered platform to legally sign agreement
2. How does your product fit within the eSSIF-Lab vision and architecture ?
We think e can perfectly fit as a business vertical acting both as issuer or verifier of identity credential
3. What is the timeline for the technical development ? Respect the milestones/timing… define the KPIs.
Phase 1 - Productisation
in this initial phase we plan to deliver:
- a working demo, PoC of the platform, intergating:
- Qualified Electronic Signature (test environment) provided by an accredited QTSP
- OpenSource Video Conferencing Platform
- process Workflow
- the technical description of the eSSIF Lab Library Integration
- the integration with other eSSIF-Lab BOC Participant (SSI4DTM and ComKYC)
- the Business Canvas
# BOC-1 - Project Summary of GAYA
For more information, please contact:
Gitlab: @egidio.casati
## Summary
GAYA is the solution that allows public notaries (and other professionals and companies) to digitize the process of making agreements remotely, granting the same features of de visu meetings in terms of recognition, easy signing and event control.
GAYA leverages SSI protocols in order to:
- Promote the role of professionals (such as notaries) as issuers of verifiable credentials
- Ease the process of Identity Verification and Power of acting on behalf of a company by its users
GAYA solution pillars are:
- Identification, via Verifiable Credential validation or KYC process
- Collaboration, via an internal dedicated videoconference and document sharing components
- Signature, supporting all the eIDAS signature types (electroninc signature, advanced electronic signature and qualified electronic signature)
- Audit and management, thanks to the notarization and archival of all the relevant events of an agreement signing procedure.
Last but not least, GAYA shall focus on a innovative concept of Agreement in the form of a Ricardian Contract, which shall be a legally binding and valid document.
## Business Problem
By August 2021, every member state shall allow the online incorporation of Limited Liability Company, without the involvement of a Public Notary, as provisioned by the norms:
- EU2017/1132 – general provisions regarding the establishment and functioning of limited liability companies.
- EU2019/1151 – regards the use of digital tools and processes in company law
Public notaries category (particularly in Italy) is in turmoil and is animated by a lively debate on the issue: many see this as a problem as they are hostile to the Digital online Act, others see this as an incredible opportunity to innovate their profession.
When the covid-19 entered the scene we realized that the digital transformation gap to be filled was much wider than we thought. In addition, the urgency of such a transformation could have introduced enormous risks for privacy.
Looking at the european market we noticed that:
- there is a very poor knowledge of the European Digital Trust Market brought by eIDAS and the opportunity to fill the digital transformation gap
- there is even less awarness of the opportunities that comes from adoption of SSI approach, particularly:
- the chance to play an important role as issuer, by most of the potentially involved professionals
- the chance to re-use Identity verifiable credential in most of the KYC process
- There's a missing link between the day-to-day work patterns of such professionals, and the features made available by the general purpose eSignature platforms (i.e. secure web conference, taylored workflows, etc).
We believe that professionals must be able to smootly move to fully digital and secure process without being force to become IT, LegalTech and Blockchain experts
We believe that the solution to be provided to them must focus on usability and ease of use, yet using the most advanced technology available.
## (Technical) Solution
GAYA shall be provided as a Cloud solution (SaaS) and will be available as a classic subscription service.
Gaya main components are:
- **a Web Application (available on a subscription basis)**
this is a classic Web Application, providing a dashboard, user setting and account, and all the features to create and manage agreement signature dossier, including the invitation of al the paries and the verification status of theor identities. Initially, a limited number of dossier template shall be provided, particularly the LLC company incorporation flow.
- **a Mobile App, including:**
- **a SSI wallet**
- **a NFC identity Document Reader**
the mobile app shall be available to the parties participating to the Agreement signature dossier. The App shall include SSI wallet feature, used when Gaya is acting as Credential Issuer on behalf of the professional (the Party).
Further, in order to simplify the identity verification of the agreement participants, the professional shall be able to engage remotely with the electronic document of each participant, accessing via NFC and fetching/verifying the signed data.
- **an Internal WebConference tool**
In order to provide maximum security, each GAYA customer (aka professional) shall be provided with the possibility to create agreement dedicated web conference room, where only the authorised participant will be able to enter.
The tool shall provide the professional the possibility to archive the (encrypted) recording of the session.
the webconference tool shall be integrated in the web application in a flat UIX so that the professional shall be in control of all the events involving the participant, at each stage of the agreement signature dossier.
- **a integrated back end SSI service for**
- **verifiable credential validation (proof request, credential presentation validation, etc)**
- **verifiable credential issuing (credential offer, credential request and issuing, etc)**
Gaya will integrate the functionality of verifiable credentials issuance and verification, obviously based on the libraries made available by eSSIF-LAB.
- **File/Document sharing tool**
a component that allows the professional to share, during the session, the documents to be signed with all the participants involved. Each participant will be able to see changes to the shared document in real time.
- **eSig, AES, QES service integration, where:**
- **eSig shall be provided natively**
- **AES shall be based on external services**
- **QES shall be provided by QTSP partners**
The eSig service shall be integrated in Gaya in all the eIDAS flavours. Of course, for what regards Qualified Electronic Signature, the service shall be provided by a Qualified trust Service provider.
- **Long term archival service integration**
GAYA won't archive docyments on he long run, so in order to fulfill legal requirements, a legal long term archival service shall be integrated.
- **Audit trail and monitoring**
Gaya shall archive all the relevant events and logs for each dossier, in order to support the professional and/or the participant in case of litigation or in standard audit procedure.
All the above listed components shall be developed and provided along the eSSIF-lab 1st BOC timeframe.
Furher, the following components shal be designed:
- **Workflow Composer**
this components hall be intially available only at back office leveland then possibly extended to premium users. It will allows the customer to combine elementary task in a custom workflow.
- **Ricardian Contract Signing and deployment (initially on Ethereum)**
this module shall be in charge of showing an agreement in the form of a Ricardian Contract (connected to a standard solidity smart contract) legally binding for the parties participating in the dossier. In a initial phase, the target platform shall be Ethereum.
## Integration
GAYA is a business application that is meant to fully leverage the SSI framework, both in the role of Issuer and Verifier.
GAYA shall be an issuer, when the participant isn't equipped with a trusted SSI wallet / identity credential
GAYA shall be a verifier, when the participant present an identity credential issued by another Trusted party.
the same approach shall be applied to eSignature services: gaya shall provide a native internal simple electronic signature service, while, in case a the participant is already equipped with both a SSI wallet and a associated eSignature Service, Gaya shall rely on the esternal service.
Gaya shall integrate with:
- CommercioKYC, that shal be integrated as a trusted issuer for Identity Credential
- SSI4DTM that shall be integrated as a trusted Advanced Electronic Signature provider
# GAYA_project_summary
# Project GAYA by NYM Srl
this Repo includes the documentation for the GAYA project.
The documentation is organised as follows:
- Productisation:
- GAYA-Business-KPI - Vision Mission Strategy
- Gaya-business case: 500 words Business case for Gaya project
- GAYA-project summary
- GAYA-collaboration-with-ssi-business-ecosystem
- Gaya-Technical-work-programme
- business-open-call-1-productisation-meeting
For more information, please contact:
Gitlab: @egidio.casati
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