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## (Technical) Solution
| Solution | Description | Contribution |
| Mobile Holder Wallet | Built-in issuance, verification, and presentation functionality; connected to a Factom DID | Allows the user to be in charge of presenting his/her credentials |
| Issuer API | A W3C Conforming API for organizational credential issuance | Allows anyone to issue VCs |
| Verifier API | A W3C Conforming API for organizational credential and presentation verification | Allows anyone independently verify any credential or presentation |
| DID Creation | Can create DIDs | Allows creation of DIDs |
| Public DID Resolver | Can resolve DIDs | Allows resolving of DIDs |
| Request Credential Webapp | Requests a credential by providing a QR code | Allows a quick and secure way to digitally request credentials |
| Automatic Credential lookup | Automatically checks what available credentials within the mobile App are required by the request | Allows quick selection of credentials to be shared |
| Holder EDV | An Encrypted Data Vault that stores credentials | Allows users to securely share credentials with others |
## Integration
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