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## Hackathon Progress Report
The HonorBox project allows self-publication with a "pay afterwards"/honor-system approach, a business model that has been adopted in much of the world (particularly in Latin America) where e-book piracy is a major issue and impediment to small-scale/independent publishing. The SourceCheck cooperative has previously prototyped forms of it for hackathons and a [Mozilla Grant for the Web]( (the grant program focused on "Web monetization", a pay-by-the-minute payment model).
In our research, we found a major sticking point was that a payment-endpoint (whether a blockchain address or a platform-based human-readable identifier like an email or a Venmo handle) required a leap of faith in donators, particularly today's web users acclimatized to Web2. We took a step back from HonorBox to work on the identity assurance needs for payments, particularly cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrency also represents a certain "captive audience" of crypto-native businesses with their own publication and identity needs, which we identified as a good population for "early adoption" and beta testing.
In our Phase 1 hackathon, we focused on a self-service, "dApp" model for identity assurance, creating verifiable profiles that bind a cryptocurrency address to some verifications that might establish trust: control of a domain and control of a Twitter account. In Phase 2, we plan to extend the functionalities of this prototype and make it stable enough for production/launch in Phase 3, as well as returning focus to the HonorBox use-case which depends on these verified profiles to generate revenue based on transaction fees.
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