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## Solution
![Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 18.17.27.png](./Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 18.17.27.png)
![Solution WorkPi Process.png](./Solution WorkPi Process.png)
### Open marketplace
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Individual ownership of data also opens the door for other solutions like unbiased hiring or development. Imagine an organisation that identifies that marketing managers who score high on a communication assessment perform very well within the organisation. For an employer, this piece of information alone could prove very valuable to use for development and hiring purposes. With SSI, WorkPi offers a fully anonymous way to invite and fund employees for online development courses in areas that are relevant to perform in their job. It is not important for the employer to know what the name, age or gender of this employee is in order to justify the allocation of development funds; the data proved that employees will perform better when scoring high on communication skills! WorkPi has validated with various interested enterprise partners that employees would be interested in participating in online development courses when they are assured that their employers would not be aware of their weaknesses. This is of course a very sensitive piece of information that could be abused by an employer; employees mentioned in surveys that they are currently afraid to participate in assessments as this would expose their weaknesses. From a recruitment perspective, this works in the same way. If an employer knows that an anonymous candidate has a 95% match with the required skill to perform in a job, why would things like age or gender matter. This would even allow the organisation to build a much more diverse workforce!
![Unbiased Hiring & Development.png](./Unbiased Hiring & Development.png)
### Outplacement
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## Go-to-market & Market Segmentation
![Sales Pipeline .png](./Sales Pipeline .png)
A comprehensive go-to-market strategy was designed to ensure a clear value add in different target- and user groups. Through our network, we have acquired 100 companies that showed interest in a first conversation. From these conversations and feedback, we made a dilution based on our ‘perfect customer’, as shown in the image above. As WorkPi has a hard market to reach, the corporate sphere, we deemed it impossible to use the more mainstream ‘build and deploy’ go-to-market strategies (as described in e.g. ‘The Lean Startup Methodology’). Instead, we built, designed and backtested based on mockups and gathered feedback in our follow-up conversations, given by different layers of these companies (HR, c-level, employees, etc).
Now that this first design and feedback phase has come to an end, we can move into the second phase of our go-to-market strategy, which is focused on direct sales. In this phase, we will revisit 24 companies that showed an active interest in our product. From there on, we will begin an extensive integration and onboarding process focused on increasing our conversion in daily (active) users at our clients. By educating HR divisions and employees on SSI, the importance of privacy, and unbiased hiring & development we believe that we can ensure a high user rate thereby adding value to the product as a whole. Dividing the sales process in these multiple phases allows us to pinpoint any mismatches and defaults in our own process, thereby enabling ourselves to adjust and improve.
Apart from our sales-driven go-to-market strategy, we designed an elaborate product go-to-market. After gathering feedback and backtesting our assumptions, we came to the most feasible roadmap for product development. Ensuring a data-driven “employee blueprint” for companies is a clear cut value proposition that resonates with a lot of our customers. Additionally, it can be achieved by building and deploying our assessment marketplace as a whole, upon which we will extend our product in the months to come. This will include for example extended integration of additional assessment providers, (legacy) CRM, and ATS (HR) systems, but will also include new functionalities like an extensive mentor program, integrated e-learning modules and so on.
![Sales Pipeline 1.png](./Sales Pipeline 1.png)
## Competition
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