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id: hola
title: Hola
author: Gao Wei
author_title: Docusaurus Core Team
tags: [hola, docusaurus]
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque elementum dignissim ultricies. Fusce rhoncus ipsum tempor eros aliquam consequat. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
id: hello-world
title: Hello
author: Endilie Yacop Sucipto
author_title: Maintainer of Docusaurus
tags: [hello, docusaurus]
Welcome to this blog. This blog is created with [**Docusaurus 2 alpha**](
This is a test post.
A whole bunch of other information.
id: welcome
title: Welcome
author: Yangshun Tay
author_title: Front End Engineer @ Facebook
tags: [facebook, hello, docusaurus]
Blog features are powered by the blog plugin. Simply add files to the `blog` directory. It supports tags as well!
Delete the whole directory if you don't want the blog features. As simple as that!
......@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ module.exports = {
links: [
{to: 'docs/introduction', label: 'Introduction', position: 'left'},
{to: 'blog', label: 'Blog', position: 'left'},
href: '',
label: 'Gitlab',
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