Commit b248ca67 authored by Thanasis Katsadas's avatar Thanasis Katsadas

Add example page

parent 534339be
id: essif-lab
title: Itroduction
sidebar_label: Introduction
This is an example page in docusaurus.
You can see this commit to find out how to add a new page, how to make it
visible in the sidebar, and how to add it in the menu bar.
Whenever you change the `docusaurus.config.js` or `sidebars.js`, you might need
to restart the dev server.
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ module.exports = {
src: 'img/logo.svg',
links: [
{to: 'docs/doc1', label: 'Docs', position: 'left'},
{to: 'docs/essif-lab', label: 'Essif-lab', position: 'left'},
{to: 'blog', label: 'Blog', position: 'left'},
href: '',
......@@ -9,5 +9,6 @@ module.exports = {
someSidebar: {
Docusaurus: ['doc1', 'doc2', 'doc3'],
Features: ['mdx'],
"Essif Lab": ['essif-lab'],
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