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The purpose for Business Open Call 1 (BOC-1) is to extend the eSSIF-Lab basic infrastructure/architecture with business solutions that makes it easy for organizations to deploy and/or use SSI, reduce business risks, facilitate alignment of business information, etc.
For the upcoming period, there are three deadlines. We provide [templates](./templates-for-subgrantees) for each of these:
1. Monday 31 August 2020 EOB: Your solution description ([template](./templates-for-subgrantees/
2. Monday 7 September 2020 EOB: Contribution to SSI and eSSIF-Lab vision and framework ([template](./templates-for-subgrantees/
3. Monday 14 September 2020 EOB: Collaboration within the SSI business ecosystem ([template](./templates-for-subgrantees/
## Index of BOC-1 subgrantees
| **Acronym (link to Gitlab)** | **Project (link to redacted [proposal PDF](** | **Company** | **Username** | **Contact Name (link to email)** |
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