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### Deployment
Just push your changes to the `master` branch and they will be automatically deployed at
### Terminology/Glossary functionality
This project has a plugin integrated that can generate terms in a useful way so contributors can write a special syntax to reference terms and generate a glossary based on those terms.
In order to test this functionality locally, you can use Docker and/or Docker Compose, as follows.
### Docker
You can run the following commands to see the output of the website, just as it will look like when deployed to a production environment:
docker build -t essif-lab-terminology:latest .
docker run -ti -p 5000:5000 essif-lab-terminology:latest
You can then visit http://localhost:5000 to view the website
To stop docker from running, you can just hit `ctrl+c` in the terminal window.
### Docker Compose
Docker Compose is a wrapper of docker, so you can run less commands to do the same job as you would do with docker commands. You only need to run:
docker-compose up --force-recreate --build
and then visit http://localhost:5000 to view the website.
To stop docker-compose, just like docker, hit `ctrl+c` in the terminal window.
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