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# Conflicts:
#   docs/terms/
#   docs/terms/
#   plugins/terminology-parser/index.js
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// Purpose: resolve all merge conflicts by accepting the CURRENT changes (change $1 to $2 to accept INCOMING changese)
// This is a script that can be run by the Batch Replacer extension of VSCode .
// Press Ctrl-Shift-P as you are editing this script, then search for `Batch Replacer`, and execute it.
// If you do not specify the files to work on, the replace will be global (throughout the workspace).
// `filter "document.txt"` - document.txt file in the root folder
// `filter "Documents/document.txt"` - document.txt file in the Documents folder in the root folder
// `filter "**/document.txt"` - document.txt files anywhere
// `filter "*.txt"` - any .txt file in the root folder
// `filter "**/*.txt"` - any .txt file
filter "docs/**/*.md"
replace-regex "^<<<<<<<.*\n((?:.*\n)*)=======\n((?:.*\n)*)>>>>>>>.*\n"
// To accept CURRENT changes
with "$1"
// To accept INCOMING changes
// with "$2"
......@@ -10,7 +10,8 @@
// Now, you have to manually execute /(?<=\|)([A-Z][^%]*)(?=%%)/\L$1/g/
// 4. `|ref-text%% is being checked to see if modifications need to be made (e.g. plurals to singular etc.)
// 5. There is a cleanup phase that removes any %%...|...%% syntax from the docusaurus header, markdown headers, and <img /> constructs.
replace-regex "^<<<<<<<.*\n((?:.*\n)*)=======\n((?:.*\n)*)>>>>>>>.*\n"
with "$1"
// Complex regular expressions can be created using variables. Variables are applied to the entire script, and should be defined at the beginning of the script. Variables are defined as ... = "..." and are used as %{...}. Variables can only be used in the replace and replace-regex instructions.
// variables can reference themselves and be overwritten - see documentation of 'batch replacer' extension
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