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title: "Legal Entity"
scopeid: essifLab
type: term
typeid: legal-entity
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hoverText: "Legal-entity: an entity that is known by and recognized to exist in a jurisdiction."
## Short Description
<!--REQUIRED--in 1-3 sentences that describe the concept to a layperson with reasonable accuracy.-->
A **Legal Entity** is an %%entity|entity%% that is known by and recognized to exist in a %%jurisdiction|jurisdiction%%. For %%legal jurisdictions|legal-jurisdiction%%, this usually means that the entity is registered. Legal jurisdictions usually have a registration for its citizens, foreigners, enterprises, fellonies, etc. Non-legal jurisdictions (e.g. a soccer club) register their members, donators, staff, properties, etc., either on the record, or off the record.
## Purpose
<!--Describe why the concept is needed. What purposes does it serve? What can you do with it that you cannot do (as well) without it? What objectives does it help realize? Why is this concept relevant within its scope of definition?-->
It is important to recognize that the term 'legal entity' does not refer to something that has an existence of its own, but that it is a property of en %%entity|entity%% that is linked to a %%jurisdiction|jurisdiction%%. This enables us to query for the applicable jurisdiction when someone uses the term, and get the right understanding of what (s)he means.
## Criteria
A **Legal Entity** is an %%entity|entity%% that is known by and recognized to exist in a %%jurisdiction|jurisdiction%% (i.e. registered in the %%knowledge|knowledge%% of the %%party|party%% that operates the %%legal system|legal-system%% of said jurisdiction).
## Examples
<!--Provide a few sentences in which you give examples that obviously qualify as instances of `<New Term>`, and that do NOT obviously qualify. Also, provide examples that are not (so) obvious, but help users to better understand its intension.-->
- citizens (organizations, etc.) that are registered in the citizens registration of some government, are legal entities in its jurisdiction.
- a refugee that is screaming before a civil servant person (i.e. (s)he is alive and kicking, and really exists), yet is not registered in the governmental administration, does not exist for that administration, i.e. is not a legal entity in that jurisdiction.
- whether or not some special stone qualifies as legal entity depends on whether or not it is known to exist in some jurisdiction.
## Background:
<!--Mention and link to the patterns in which this concept plays a (significant) role (possibly explaining the reason/purpose if appropriate), e.g.: -->
The %%jurisdiction pattern|pattern-jurisdiction%% provides an overview of how this concept fits in with related concepts.
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