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Include legal-jurisdiction term

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id: legal-jurisdiction
title: "Legal Jurisdiction"
scopeid: essifLab
type: term
typeid: legal-jurisdiction
conceptref: essifLab:jurisdiction
stage: draft
hoverText: "Legal Jurisdiction: a jurisdiction that is operated by a governmental body."
## Purpose
<!--Describe why the concept is needed. What purposes does it serve? What can you do with it that you cannot do (as well) without it? What objectives does it help realize? Why is this concept relevant within its scope of definition?-->
We need the term **legal jurisdiction** because it is common practice for people and organizations to explicitly want to comply with applicable laws and regulations, where it is explicitly implied that these are the rules of a legal system that is governed by a governmental body. Introducing this term allows us to both generically reason about %%jurisdictions|jurisdiction%% (which is helpful to design e.g. SSI infrastructure) and also communicate about jurisdictions that have a governmental (legal) status.
## Background:
<!--Mention and link to the patterns in which this concept plays a (significant) role (possibly explaining the reason/purpose if appropriate), e.g.: -->
The %%jurisdiction pattern|pattern-jurisdiction%% provides an overview of how this concept fits in with related concepts.
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