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The list under eSSIF-Lab Framework repository contains two items, it
should also contain an item for "SSI Standards".
Also, eSSIF-Lab Framework repository => eSSIF-Lab Framework Repository
The requestor has one electronic agent RA => spell out (explain) RA
(is it Requestor Agent?)
on his mobile phone => on their mobile phone (here and in all
documents please use gender-neutral expressions).
The provider has two agents: one is an SSI-aware component PA =>
spell out (explain) PA (is it Provider Agent?)
a secure communications channel (e.g. SSL, DIDComm) => Give reference
to DIDComm.
Note that in the document, the various terms are not always
capitalized; for example we may see "owner" or "Owner". For
consistency and ease of understanding, all such terms should be
and every of its agents => and every one of its agents
Figure 1 shows the initial functional eSSIF-Lab architecture, and its
scope, context and (functional) components each of which is an agent
for the same party (meaning that they are all part of the same
organization as defined above, and they are all (digital) ‘colleagues’
of one another). => What exactly are the functional components each
one of which is an agent of the same party? In exactly the following
paragraph the point is made that a transaction is executed with agents
of different parties. So, where in the figures are the agents of the
same party (organization)?
In section 2.4, we have Transaction (Validation) Engine and
Transaction Result Dispatcher spelled out in full, while previously
their acronyms were used. Better to be consistent and use acronyms.
consists of a set of API’s => consists of a set of APIs
The specification of these API’s can be found in [reference needed].
=> reference is missing.
Ultimately, we would like to see these API’s standardized. =>
Ultimately, we would like to see these APIs standardized.
he SSI Tech APIs interface layer is the union of the interfaces that
the components that are in it provide. => Does not read properly.
(anything else?) (in section 3.1) => I suppose this has to go.
The specification of such requests is given in [reference needed]. =>
Missing reference.
(delivery)address credential, => (delivery) address credential,
(anything else?) (in section 3.2) => I suppose this has to go.
(anything else?) (in section 3.3) => I suppose this has to go.
[anything else?] (in section 3.6) => I suppose this has to go.
Human Beings => Human beings
Concerning section 4, Initial SSI-Agent Network Architecture, I did
not really understand it or its purpose.
The figure in 5.1 runs against the text.
Section 6 seems to be still work in progress? It states that "this
section is being constructed now (it is only for the very curious to
In 6.2 there remains a "[text still needs to be written]"
transmitting and storing verifiable digital credentials VCs => spell
out VCs.
DIF has recently begun work on defining the specs => the DIF has
recently begun work on defining the specs
General Comment:
Apart from the SSI Standards text
the other parts do not use dashes correctly; they only use hyphens
instead of em dashes.
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