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CBAS project summary
IOC-1 - Project Summary of CBAS - Capability BasedAuthorization System
**IOC-1 - Project Summary of CBAS - Capability BasedAuthorization System**
For more information, please contact:
Irene Adamski (
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Eugeniu Rusu (
About Jolocom
**About Jolocom**
Jolocom was founded in 2014 for the express purpose to support and accelerate the adoption & development of Self-Sovereign digital Identities. Since then we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in both the private and public sector via various successful R&D pilot projects and the first tailor-made SSI solutions for corporations and organisations. Within the wider SSI community we are involved with various associations (W3C, DIF, INATBA, VSDI, Bundesblock) to advance interoperability and standardisation equally. Our Articles of Association reflect this for-purpose mindset and lend credibility to our support of interoperability by precluding M&As. (96)
Capability BasedAuthorization System (CBAS)
**Capability BasedAuthorization System (CBAS)**
Business Problem
**Business Problem**
Technical Solution
**Technical Solution**
Integration with the eSSIF-Lab Functional Architecture and Community
**Integration with the eSSIF-Lab Functional Architecture and Community**
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