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<h1> Presentation Exchange - Credential Query Infra Project Summary
Sphereon, as part of its Vindicatio project, is creating a new DIF Presentation Exchange for DIF/W3C SSI solutions, compatible with Aries Present Proof Protocol v2. Using a layered approach to achieve both integration and interoperability.
At the lowest layers there are TypeScript (Javascript) libraries for the rules engine component, validations and logic. These libraries are easy to integrate in other projects for both web and mobile. The models and a REST API are also exposed using an OpenApi specification close to the VCC HTTP API as well as Sphereon’s own implementation. The models can be generated to a programming language of choice.
The REST Api and state machine can run in Docker and exposes the functionality to other programming languages for a more direct integration. Then there is a stateful bridge that integrates DIDComm v2 and CHAPI (and future OpenID-Connect). The bridge will be similar to Aries Present Proof v2 and integrate with it and in the future support a backend like Verity or similar as well. This means parties can talk using Presentation Exchange compatible datastructures, across different transports and with different products.
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