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......@@ -26,5 +26,17 @@ capabilities-based access control, supports efficient VC revocation, and enables
access over public, untrusted networks, aka Zero -Trust Architectures (ZTAs).
## Solution overview
The following figure illustrates the modules of our solution
![ZeroTurstVC architecture](architecture.png "ZeroTurstVC architecture")
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The following figure illustrates the modules of the ZeroTrustVC component.
![ZeroTurstVC architecture](architecture.png "ZeroTurstVC architecture")
A typical authorization flow in ZeroTrustVC includes the following steps
### Issuer configuration
with this step, a resource owner configures the authorization server with policies
that specify the access rights that correspond to a client. Clients are identified
using a public key (latter on this project we will consider cases where clients are
identified by a Decentralized Identifier).
### VC request and issuance
### Resource request
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