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......@@ -9,11 +9,13 @@ Unfortunately, remotely often means that parties are not sure who they are commu
Adding SSI to internet communications resulting in seamless identified communications is the solution to this problem. It enables people engaging in any form of internet communication to exchange presentation requests and proofs, and communicate at the same time.
## Mixing two protocols
Dedicated to identified communications, Dutch startup and initiator of the SSIComms project **Bloqzone** ( has built several solutions to this problem in the past using more standard local identity solutions such as DIGID and IDIN. Unfortunately, these sofar tended to result in a somewhat awkward customer experience since the enduser has to switch between multiple applications during one session.
A more thorough approach is therefore needed where not only one application is able to handle both communications sessions and identity sessions, but also where both communications and SSI protocols are interwoven.
## The SSIComms project
The project SSIComms adds SSI to internet communications by adding SSI wallets to the renowned SYLK Suite, an award winning ensemble of communications solutions with the SIP protocol at its core. This enables users to respond to presentation requests for credentials entirely voluntarily and according to SSI principles during communications sessions.
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