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......@@ -24,6 +24,16 @@ DKMS4SSI aim to provide
- resolve any identifier through Distributed Hash Table algorithms without relying on centralize resolver or network.
- operate with any type of Verifiable Credentials across network
![Summary](summary.png "Architecture")
- Resolver - A resolver is the controller of its own self-referential identifier which must always be different from the identifier to be resolved. A resolver provides discoverability for identifiers.
- Witness - A Witness is designated (trusted) by the controller of an identifier. The primary role of a witness is to verify, sign, and maintain events associated with an identifier.
- Juror - A Juror performs duplicity detection on events and event receipts.
- Verifier - A Verifier cryptographically verifies the signature(s) contained in an event message.
- Validator - A Validator determines if a given signed statement associated with an identifier was valid at the time of issuance.
- Watcher - A Watcher keeps a copy of a KERL for an identifier but is not designated by the controller as one of its witnesses.
- Judge - A Judge examines the entries of one or more KERLs and DELs of a given identifier to validate that the event history comes from a non-duplicitous controller and has been witnessed by a sufficient number of non-duplicitous witnesses such that it may be rusted (or, conversely, not trusted) by a validator.
## Current problems
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