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......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ DKMS4SSI aim to provide
🡺 **INTEROPERABILITY** Individuals, businesses and entities do not want to be locked into one specific
network or system. This is the expectation raised by the SSI technology. Currently there is not a unified
solution among developing platforms.
🡺 **SECURITY** Multiplicity of architectures makes it difficult to achieve a high level of security for
decentralized identifiers. Over 105 different DID methods are currently available. Each requires a different
type of the resolver hiding the complexity of the resolution process. A solution created in one network may
......@@ -52,6 +53,7 @@ a given DLT and bring additional cross-network communication complexities.
🡺 **INTEROPERABILITY** - KERI introduces a ledger/network agnostic DKMI which includes a root-of-trust in self-certifying
identifiers. Due to it’s security feature it can be used with or without ledger as well as with any type of centralized systems (e.g.
🡺 **SECURITY** - KERI introduces the concept of Autonomic Identity System with Autonomic Identifiers, a primary root-of-trust in
self-certifying identifiers provides strong security base without need to relay on any other network components. KERI minimally
sufficient design principle provides a candidate for trust spanning layer for the internet. The primary root-of-trust are self-certifying
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