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OnboardSSI project summary
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Public and private organisation undergo digital transformation that has been speed up with the effects of COVID-19, creating a shift towards offering the majority of services online. However, this has created also a geometrical increase in identity fraud and account takeover. According to Experian, during COVID-19 lockdown there was a 33% increase in fraud rates. The Federal Trade Commission received 650,570 identity theft complaints in 2019, 46 percent increase from the previous year.
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SSI constitutes a well-promising approach for tacking the increase in identity fraud and account takeover. However, existing wallets do not provide the ability for users to easily onboard their existing identity documents such as passport to SSI as there are only proprietary solutions available introducing unbearable costs. Existing user onboarding solutions fall short in four ways:
1. The costs for the organisation to purchase such solution are huge; up to $2 per user onboarding and $0.12 per liveness detection.
2. Not privacy-preserving and no transparency about the data collection/processing on the cloud.
3. There is no open-source solution for organisations to adopt and integrate, forcing organisations to vendor lock-in.
4. The majority of them lack security as they do not offer remote identity verification with High Level of Assurance based on eIDAS regulation.
5. In several cases the onboarding process fails, creating huge frustration to users, leading to an increase of the abandonment rate and the need to maintain an in-house operations team to address these failures.
The concept of SSI was designed with the citizen and privacy in mind. However, existing implementations lack user-friendliness (e.g. showing hash codes to users), creating potential barriers in users’ adoption. **OnboardSSI** focuses on providing a secure and user-friendly wallet solution creating an easier way for citizens to manage their identity. **OnboardSSI** will leverage AI to remotely verify users’ identity, without human validator intervention, and creating verifiable credentials. End-users will perform a 3-step identity verification including scanning of proof-of-identity (e.g. passport), person cross-check through liveness detection, facial matching, and document validation, reaching High Level of Assurance based on eIDAS regulation. OnboardSSI will provide the appropriate abstraction for citizens to easily manage their credentials. Finally, Quadible’s AI continuous behavioural authentication, will secure the credentials, by combining 14 different behavioural and biometric traits.
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