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Our SSI mandate service is a generic and holistic approach to provide and request mandates. Mandates are SSI credentials signed by the dependent that can be requested by either the dependent or authorized representative. These credentials can be used to prove to a verifier that the authorized representative is authorized to act for specific actions on behalf of the dependent. The mandate credentials are stored in the wallet of the authorized representative as opposed to a central database in current systems. The dependent can revoke this credential at any point in time if he/she no longer wants the authorized representative to act on their behalf by updating a revocation hash on the blockchain. The SSI mandate provides mandates completely peer to peer and isn’t limited to individuals only. A SSI wallet can also represent a device or institution, for example a company can use a SSI company wallet to authorize employees to access the building or use the company credit card up to a certain amount.
# Current problems
**USER FRIENDLINESS** We want to build a mandate service that is easy to use and reliable. Currently, this is often done using a signature on paper that can easily be falsified or requires DigID (digital authentication provider of the Dutch government) which is not very user-friendly.
# SSI Mandate project
The SSI Mandate Service is
**INTEROPERABILITY** We want to make a mandate service that is operable with different types of wallets.
** ROBUST ** We want to make the mandate service by adding
** TRUSTWORTHY ** We make the mandate service
**USER FRIENDLINESS** We want to build a mandate service that is easy to use and reliable.
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