Commit fcb5c117 authored by Peter Langenkamp's avatar Peter Langenkamp

update frontend to include some (minimal) description about the service

parent 33910277
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ import Home from "../views/Home.vue";
import NotFound from "../views/NotFound.vue";
import Utils from "../views/Utils.vue";
import UtilsHome from "../views/utils/UtilsHome.vue";
import CreateToken from "../views/utils/CreateToken.vue";
import RegisterOrganization from "../views/utils/RegisterOrganization.vue";
import DefineCredentialType from "../views/utils/DefineCredentialType.vue";
......@@ -31,6 +32,11 @@ const routes = [
name: "Utils",
component: Utils,
children: [
path: "",
name: "UtilsHome",
component: UtilsHome,
path: "/utils/create-token",
name: "CreateToken",
<div class="home">
<h1>TNO SSI Provider</h1>
Welcome! We strive to improve the usability of SSI in real life by
providing basic functionality that assists in issuing and verifying
credentials to and from multiple wallets.
Specifically, getting up and running with issuing and verifying
credentials in a way that is compatible with existing implementations
(e.g. Irma, Jolocom, ...) can be quite a hastle. With this service we
strive to offload (most of) this burdon from issuing and verifying
parties, to help increase the adoption of SSI technology.
<h2>Getting started</h2>
For information on how to integrate with our service, please refer to our
documentation <a href="#">here</a>.
To quickly try out different aspects of the service, we encourage you to
go to the utils page. Here, you can register a new organization, define
credential types, and manually create issue and verify requests for
testing purposes. If you know what you are doing, you can go to the issue
or verify page. directly
<router-link to="/utils">Utils</router-link>
......@@ -7,6 +33,9 @@
<router-link to="/issue/someToken">Issue</router-link>
<router-link to="/verify/someToken">Verify</router-link>
<div class="utils">
<b-navbar-brand>TNO SSI Provider</b-navbar-brand>
<b-navbar-brand :to="{ name: 'Home' }">TNO SSI Provider</b-navbar-brand>
<b-navbar-toggle target="nav-collapse"></b-navbar-toggle>
<b-nav-item :to="{ name: 'UtilsHome' }">Utils overview</b-nav-item>
<b-nav-item :to="{ name: 'CreateToken' }">Create token</b-nav-item>
<b-nav-item :to="{ name: 'RegisterOrganization' }"
......@@ -20,3 +21,11 @@
// export default {
// mounted() {
// this.$router.push("/utils/create-token");
// },
// };
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