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# GOV.GR code repository
Currently this repo includes the following :
## Bootstrap Theme Kit: Styling/govgr-bootstrap-theme
# Bootstrap Theme Kit: Styling/govgr-bootstrap-theme
This is simple starter project to help you get started quickly when developing a website using Bootstrap.
It includes a project structure with a build script that builds a custom CSS version of Bootstrap 4, according to the main styling guidelines of
## Getting started
If you want to build your own customized version of the bootstrap theme:
1. Clone this repo
2. Run `npm install`
3. Run `gulp watch`
4. Add any custom Bootstrap Sass variables into `scss/_custom-variables.scss`
5. Add any custom styles into `scss/_custom-styles.scss`. You can use Bootstrap's mixins here.
6. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until you like what you see :-)
or you can simply grab the compiled css files `css/govgr_bootstrap.css` and include it in your site.
## Creators
**GOV.GR Unit**
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