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# ARGO via Ansible
This repository contains a collection of Ansible roles and playbooks that aim at easing the deployment procedure of ARGO products. The goal for these roles and playbooks has been to be as generic as possible so that they are easily adaptable to different environments and e-Infrastructure requirements. Hence most of the variables used by default in these roles reside under the `roles/{role_name}/defaults/main.yml` files.
The administrator of the ARGO product being deployed via these Ansible playbooks may use any of the following places in order to successfully overwrite the default values of the variables and adapt the ARGO product to the specific environment and requirements:
- `roles/{role_name}/vars/main.yml`
- `groups_vars/{groups_name}`
- `host_vars/{inventory_hostname}`
Per ARGO product more details on prerequisites and variables are given in the following subsections.
## WebAPI deployment
Contains Ansible playbook for the deployment of the ARGO datastore and API service. The play is split into four (4) roles:
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