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Projects with this topic

  • Systems Integration Solutions is offering a military grade solution, being one of the First in the EU to be fully conformant with EBSI, W3C and the First to offer Self-Issued OpenID v2.

The CorpoSign DID, SSI solutions advantage lies in the streamlined process of simultaneous login, authentication, and KYC (know your customer) using trust anchor’s power of attorney verifiable credentials.

This innovative solution enables CorpoSign users to share any type of data (document) and control how their data is used, processed, and collected. CorpoSign’s decentralised identity makes it a self-sovereign, privacy-preserving, and user-friendly software that anyone can use and benefit from.

    CorpoSign DID is a decentralised identity framework that uses blockchain and cryptographic technology to easily identify and connect people with government, businesses, data, and services. It is fully compliant with EBSI and W3C interoperability standards for decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials.

    Users are regaining ownership of their data and identities thanks to CorpoSign DID's decentralized, self-sovereign, privacy-preserving, and user-friendly nature.

  • The goal of this interoperability session is to define a set of Open APIs for the interfaces invoked by the Verifier's component to allow interoperability with any wallet or did platform.